April 6 All Events

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April 6th, 2007 (April 06 2007)BirthPrincess Haalah bint Hashim, Princess of Jordan
April 6th, 2007 (April 06 2007)DeathLuigi Comencini, Italian film director (born in 1916)
April 6th, 2006 (April 06 2006)DeathMaggie Dixon, American college basketball coach (born in 1977)
April 6th, 2006 (April 06 2006)DeathFrancis L. Kellogg, U.S. diplomat and prominent socialite (born in 1917)
April 6th, 2005 (April 06 2005)EventKurdish leader Jalal Talabani becomes the Iraqi president; Shiite Arab Ibrahim al-Jaafari is named premier the next day.
April 6th, 2005 (April 06 2005)DeathRainier III, Prince of Monaco (born in 1923)
April 6th, 2004 (April 06 2004)EventRolandas Paksas becomes the first president of Lithuania to be peacefully removed from the post by impeachment.
April 6th, 2004 (April 06 2004)DeathLarisa Bogoraz, Soviet dissident (born in 1929)
April 6th, 2004 (April 06 2004)DeathNiki Sullivan, American guitarist (The Crickets) (born in 1937)
April 6th, 2003 (April 06 2003)DeathDavid Bloom, American reporter (born in 1963)
April 6th, 2003 (April 06 2003)DeathBabatunde Olatunji, Nigerian drummer (born in 1927)
April 6th, 2003 (April 06 2003)DeathGerald Emmett Cardinal Carter, Canadian religious figure (born in 1912)
April 6th, 2001 (April 06 2001)DeathCharles Pettigrew, American singer (born in 1963)
April 6th, 2000 (April 06 2000)DeathHabib Bourguiba, Tunisian politician (born in 1903)
April 6th, 1999 (April 06 1999)DeathRed Norvo, American jazz vibraphonist (born in 1908)
April 6th, 1998 (April 06 1998)EventPakistan tests medium-range missiles capable of hitting India.
April 6th, 1998 (April 06 1998)DeathWendy O. Williams, American singer (Plasmatics) (born in 1949)
April 6th, 1998 (April 06 1998)DeathTammy Wynette, American singer (born in 1942)
April 6th, 1996 (April 06 1996)DeathGreer Garson, Irish actress (born in 1904)
April 6th, 1995 (April 06 1995)BirthRyutaro Morimoto, Japanese idol
April 6th, 1994 (April 06 1994)EventThe Rwandan Genocide begins when the aircraft carrying Rwandan president Juvenal Habyarimana and Burundian president Cyprien Ntaryamira is shot down. Juvenal Quotes
April 6th, 1994 (April 06 1994)DeathJuvenal Habyarimana, Rwandan politician (born in 1937) Juvenal Quotes
April 6th, 1994 (April 06 1994)DeathCyprien Ntaryamira, Burundian politician (born in 1956)
April 6th, 1992 (April 06 1992)EventA general strike is declared by communist groups in Nepal.
April 6th, 1992 (April 06 1992)DeathIsaac Asimov, Russian-born author (born in 1920)Isaac Asimov Quotes
April 6th, 1988 (April 06 1988)BirthMike Bailey, English actor
April 6th, 1988 (April 06 1988)BirthFabrice Muamba, Anglo-Congolese footballer
April 6th, 1987 (April 06 1987)BirthLevi Porter, English footballer
April 6th, 1987 (April 06 1987)BirthHilary Rhoda, American supermodel
April 6th, 1985 (April 06 1985)BirthGarrett Zablocki, American musician
April 6th, 1984 (April 06 1984)EventMembers of Cameroon s Republican Guard unsuccessfully attempt to overthrow the government headed by Paul Biya.
April 6th, 1984 (April 06 1984)BirthMax Bemis, American musician/songwriter
April 6th, 1983 (April 06 1983)BirthDiora Baird, American actress
April 6th, 1983 (April 06 1983)BirthJade Seah, Singaporean model, host and actress
April 6th, 1983 (April 06 1983)BirthJames Wade, English Darts Player
April 6th, 1982 (April 06 1982)BirthIlan Hall, Israeli-American chef
April 6th, 1982 (April 06 1982)BirthBret Harrison, American actor
April 6th, 1981 (April 06 1981)BirthRobert Earnshaw, Zambian born, Welsh international footballer
April 6th, 1978 (April 06 1978)BirthTim Hasselbeck, American football player
April 6th, 1978 (April 06 1978)BirthMyleene Klass, British singer
April 6th, 1978 (April 06 1978)BirthMartin Mendez, Uruguayan-born Bassist (Opeth)
April 6th, 1978 (April 06 1978)BirthBlaine Neal, American baseball player
April 6th, 1977 (April 06 1977)BirthAndy Phillips, American Baseball Player
April 6th, 1976 (April 06 1976)BirthCandace Cameron, American actress
April 6th, 1976 (April 06 1976)BirthGeorg Holm, Icelandic musician
April 6th, 1976 (April 06 1976)DeathSidney Franklin, American bullfighter (born in 1903)
April 6th, 1975 (April 06 1975)BirthZach Braff, American actor
April 6th, 1975 (April 06 1975)BirthHal Gill, Ice Hockey player
April 6th, 1974 (April 06 1974)BirthRobert Kovac, Croatian footballer
April 6th, 1974 (April 06 1974)DeathWillem Marinus Dudok, Dutch architect (born in 1884)
April 6th, 1974 (April 06 1974)DeathHudson Fysh, Australian aviator and businessman (b.1895)
April 6th, 1973 (April 06 1973)EventLaunch of Pioneer 11 spacecraft.
April 6th, 1973 (April 06 1973)EventThe American League of Major League Baseball begin using the Designated Hitter
April 6th, 1973 (April 06 1973)BirthDonnie Edwards, American football player
April 6th, 1973 (April 06 1973)BirthRie Miyazawa, Japanese actress/singer
April 6th, 1973 (April 06 1973)BirthSun Wen, Chinese footballer
April 6th, 1973 (April 06 1973)BirthGina Yashere, English comedian
April 6th, 1972 (April 06 1972)EventVietnam War: Easter OffensiveAmerican forces begin sustained air strikes and naval bombardments.
April 6th, 1972 (April 06 1972)BirthJason Hervey, American actor
April 6th, 1972 (April 06 1972)BirthJo Van Daele, Belgian discus thrower
April 6th, 1971 (April 06 1971)BirthLou Merloni, American baseball player
April 6th, 1971 (April 06 1971)DeathIgor Stravinsky, Russian composer (born in 1882)Igor Stravinsky Quotes
April 6th, 1970 (April 06 1970)EventNewhall Incident: Four California Highway Patrol officers are killed.
April 6th, 1970 (April 06 1970)BirthOlaf Kolzig, South African-born ice hockey player
April 6th, 1970 (April 06 1970)BirthHuang Xiaomin, Chinese swimmer
April 6th, 1970 (April 06 1970)DeathSam Sheppard, American accused murderer (born in 1923)
April 6th, 1970 (April 06 1970)DeathMaurice Stokes, American basketball player (born in 1933)
April 6th, 1969 (April 06 1969)BirthJack Canfora, American playwright
April 6th, 1969 (April 06 1969)BirthBison Dele, American basketball player (disappeared 2002)
April 6th, 1969 (April 06 1969)BirthAri Meyers, Puerto Rican-born American actress
April 6th, 1969 (April 06 1969)BirthPhilipp Peter, Austrian racing driver
April 6th, 1969 (April 06 1969)BirthPaul Rudd, American actor
April 6th, 1969 (April 06 1969)BirthBret Boone, Baseball Player
April 6th, 1968 (April 06 1968)EventIn Richmond, Indiana s downtown district, a double explosion kills 41 and injures 150.
April 6th, 1968 (April 06 1968)BirthVanessa Lann, American composer
April 6th, 1968 (April 06 1968)BirthAffonso Giaffone, Brazilian racing driver
April 6th, 1967 (April 06 1967)BirthMika Koivuniemi, Finnish ten-pin bowler
April 6th, 1967 (April 06 1967)BirthJonathan Firth, British actor
April 6th, 1966 (April 06 1966)BirthYoung Man Kang, South Korean film director
April 6th, 1965 (April 06 1965)EventLaunch of Early Bird, the first communications satellite to be placed in geosynchronous orbit.
April 6th, 1965 (April 06 1965)BirthFrank Black, American singer/songwriter
April 6th, 1965 (April 06 1965)BirthLieve Slegers, Belgian athlete
April 6th, 1964 (April 06 1964)BirthPhil Gayle, English news presenter
April 6th, 1963 (April 06 1963)DeathOtto Struve, Russian-born astronomer (born in 1897)
April 6th, 1961 (April 06 1961)BirthRory Bremner, English comedian and impressionist
April 6th, 1961 (April 06 1961)DeathJules Bordet, Belgian immunologist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (born in 1870)
April 6th, 1957 (April 06 1957)EventGreek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis buys the Hellenic National Airlines (TAE) and founds Olympic Airlines. Aristotle Quotes
April 6th, 1957 (April 06 1957)BirthPaolo Nespoli, Italian astronaut
April 6th, 1956 (April 06 1956)BirthDilip Vengsarkar, Indian cricketer and administrator
April 6th, 1955 (April 06 1955)BirthKeith Hunter Jesperson, Canadian-born serial killer
April 6th, 1955 (April 06 1955)BirthMichael Rooker, American actor
April 6th, 1953 (April 06 1953)BirthChristopher Franke, German musician and composer
April 6th, 1953 (April 06 1953)DeathIdris Davies, Welsh poet (born in 1905)
April 6th, 1952 (April 06 1952)BirthUdo Dirkschneider, German singer
April 6th, 1952 (April 06 1952)BirthMarilu Henner, American actress
April 6th, 1952 (April 06 1952)BirthMichel Larocque, Canadian ice hockey player (died in 1992)
April 6th, 1951 (April 06 1951)BirthBert Blyleven, Dutch-born baseball player
April 6th, 1949 (April 06 1949)BirthHorst Ludwig Stormer, German-born physicist, Nobel laureate
April 6th, 1948 (April 06 1948)BirthPatrika Darbo, American actress
April 6th, 1947 (April 06 1947)EventThe first Tony Awards are presented for theatrical achievements.
April 6th, 1947 (April 06 1947)BirthJohn Ratzenberger, American actorRic Berger Quotes
April 6th, 1947 (April 06 1947)DeathHerbert Backe, German Nazi politician (born in 1896)
April 6th, 1945 (April 06 1945)BirthNeal Boortz, American talk radio personality
April 6th, 1944 (April 06 1944)BirthFelicity Palmer, English soprano
April 6th, 1942 (April 06 1942)BirthBarry Levinson, American film producer/director
April 6th, 1941 (April 06 1941)EventWorld War II: Operation Castigo begins. Germany invades the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and Greece.
April 6th, 1941 (April 06 1941)BirthPhil Austin, American comedian
April 6th, 1941 (April 06 1941)BirthDon "The Snake" Prudhomme, American drag racer
April 6th, 1941 (April 06 1941)BirthGheorghe Zamfir, Romanian musician
April 6th, 1940 (April 06 1940)BirthPedro Armendariz Jr., Mexican actor
April 6th, 1939 (April 06 1939)BirthAndre Ouellet, French Canadian politician
April 6th, 1938 (April 06 1938)BirthPaul Daniels, English magician
April 6th, 1938 (April 06 1938)BirthRoy Thinnes, American actor
April 6th, 1937 (April 06 1937)BirthMerle Haggard, American musician
April 6th, 1937 (April 06 1937)BirthBilly Dee Williams, American actor
April 6th, 1936 (April 06 1936)EventTupelo-Gainesville tornado outbreak: Another tornado from the same storm system as the Tupelo tornado hits Gainesville, Georgia, killing 203.
April 6th, 1935 (April 06 1935)DeathEdwin Arlington Robinson, American poet (born in 1869)Edwin Arlington Robinson Quotes
April 6th, 1934 (April 06 1934)BirthAnton Geesink, Dutch judoka
April 6th, 1933 (April 06 1933)BirthRoy Goode, British lawyer
April 6th, 1933 (April 06 1933)BirthEduardo Malapit, American Democratic politician (died in 2007)
April 6th, 1933 (April 06 1933)DeathElizabeth Bacon Custer, wife of George Armstrong Custer (born in 1842)
April 6th, 1931 (April 06 1931)BirthIvan Dixon, American actor and director (died in 2008)
April 6th, 1930 (April 06 1930)EventGandhi raises a lump of mud and salt and declares, "With this, I am shaking the foundations of the British Empire." Thus he starts the Salt Satyagraha.
April 6th, 1929 (April 06 1929)BirthJoi Lansing, American model and actress (died in 1972)
April 6th, 1929 (April 06 1929)BirthAndre Previn, German-born composer and conductor
April 6th, 1928 (April 06 1928)BirthJames D. Watson, American geneticist, Nobel laureateJames D. Watson Quotes
April 6th, 1927 (April 06 1927)BirthGerry Mulligan, American musician (died in 1996)
April 6th, 1926 (April 06 1926)EventWalter Varney Airlines makes its first commercial flight (Varney is the root company of United Airlines).
April 6th, 1926 (April 06 1926)BirthSergio Franchi, Italian-born singer and actor (died in 1990)
April 6th, 1926 (April 06 1926)BirthGil Kane, Latvian-born cartoonist (died in 2000)
April 6th, 1926 (April 06 1926)BirthIan Paisley, Northern Irish politician
April 6th, 1923 (April 06 1923)EventThe first Prefects Board in Southeast Asia is formed in Victoria Institution, Malaysia.
April 6th, 1920 (April 06 1920)BirthEdmond H. Fischer, Swiss-American biochemist, Nobel laureate
April 6th, 1919 (April 06 1919)EventMohandas Karamchand Gandhi orders a General Strike.
April 6th, 1918 (April 06 1918)BirthAlfredo Ovando Candia, Bolivian president (died in 1982)
April 6th, 1917 (April 06 1917)EventWorld War I: The United States declares war on Germany (see President Woodrow Wilson s address to Congress).
April 6th, 1911 (April 06 1911)EventDede Gjon Luli Dedvukaj, Leader of the Malesori Albanians, raises the Albanian flag in the town of Tuzi, Montenegro, for the first time after Gjergj Kastrioti (Skenderbeg).
April 6th, 1911 (April 06 1911)BirthFeodor Felix Konrad Lynen, German biochemist, Nobel laureate (died in 1979)
April 6th, 1909 (April 06 1909)EventRobert Peary and Matthew Henson allegedly reach the North Pole.
April 6th, 1909 (April 06 1909)BirthHermann Lang, German race car driver (died in 1987)
April 6th, 1909 (April 06 1909)BirthWilliam M. Branham, American evangelist (died in 1965)
April 6th, 1906 (April 06 1906)DeathAlexander Kielland, Norwegian author (born in 1849)
April 6th, 1903 (April 06 1903)EventThe Kishinev pogrom in Kishinev (Bessarabia) begins, forcing tens of thousands of Jews to later seek refuge in Israel and the Western world.
April 6th, 1903 (April 06 1903)BirthMickey Cochrane, American baseball player (died in 1962)
April 6th, 1903 (April 06 1903)BirthHarold Edgerton, American electrical engineer (died in 1990)
April 6th, 1902 (April 06 1902)BirthVeniamin Kaverin, Russian writer (died in 1989)
April 6th, 1901 (April 06 1901)BirthPier Giorgio Frassati, Italian Catholic (died in 1925)
April 6th, 1896 (April 06 1896)EventIn Athens, the opening of the first modern Olympic Games 1,500 years after the original games were banned by Roman Emperor Theodosius I.
April 6th, 1895 (April 06 1895)EventOscar Wilde is arrested (in the Cadogan Hotel, London) after losing a libel case against the John Sholto Douglas, 9th Marquess of Queensberry.Oscar Wilde Quotes
April 6th, 1894 (April 06 1894)BirthGertrude Baines, American Supercentarian
April 6th, 1893 (April 06 1893)EventSalt Lake Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is dedicated by Wilford Woodruff. Jesus Christ Quotes
April 6th, 1892 (April 06 1892)BirthDonald Wills Douglas, Sr., American industrialist (died in 1981)Donald Douglas Quotes
April 6th, 1892 (April 06 1892)BirthLowell Thomas, American travel writer (died in 1981)
April 6th, 1890 (April 06 1890)BirthAnthony Fokker, Dutch designer of aircraft (died in 1939)
April 6th, 1886 (April 06 1886)BirthOsman Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VII, The Last Nizam of Hyderabad state (died in 1967)
April 6th, 1884 (April 06 1884)BirthWalter Huston, Canadian-born actor (died in 1950)
April 6th, 1883 (April 06 1883)DeathBenjamin Wright Raymond, American politician (born in 1801)
April 6th, 1878 (April 06 1878)BirthErich Muhsam, German author (died in 1934)
April 6th, 1869 (April 06 1869)EventCelluloid is patented.
April 6th, 1866 (April 06 1866)EventThe Grand Army of the Republic, an American patriotic organization composed of Union veterans of the American Civil War, is foundedied in It lasts until 1956.
April 6th, 1865 (April 06 1865)EventAmerican Civil War: The Battle of Sayler s CreekConfederate General Robert E. Lee s Army of Northern Virginia fights its last major battle while in retreat from Richmond, Virginia.
April 6th, 1862 (April 06 1862)EventAmerican Civil War: The Battle of Shiloh beginsin Tennessee, forces under Union General Ulysses S. Grant meet Confederate troops led by General Albert Sidney Johnston.Ulysses S. Grant Quotes
April 6th, 1862 (April 06 1862)DeathAlbert Sidney Johnston, American Confederate general (born in 1803)
April 6th, 1860 (April 06 1860)EventJoseph Smith III, creates the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by reorganizing the previous church organized by his father, Joseph Smith, Jr.Joseph Smith Quotes
April 6th, 1851 (April 06 1851)BirthGuillaume Bigourdan, French astronomer (died in 1932)
April 6th, 1849 (April 06 1849)BirthJohn William Waterhouse, British painter (died in 1917)
April 6th, 1841 (April 06 1841)BirthKarl Binding, German jurist (died in 1920)
April 6th, 1838 (April 06 1838)DeathJose Bonifacio de Andrade e Silva, Brazilian statesman and geologist (born in 1763)
April 6th, 1833 (April 06 1833)DeathAdamantios Korais, Greek humanist scholar (born in 1748)
April 6th, 1832 (April 06 1832)EventIndian Wars: The Black Hawk War beginsthe Sauk warrior Black Hawk enters into war with the United States.
April 6th, 1830 (April 06 1830)EventThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is organized by Joseph Smith, Jr. and others at Fayette, New York.Joseph Smith Quotes
April 6th, 1829 (April 06 1829)DeathNiels Henrik Abel, Norwegian mathematician (born in 1802)
April 6th, 1826 (April 06 1826)BirthGustave Moreau, French painter (died in 1898)
April 6th, 1825 (April 06 1825)DeathVladimir Borovikovsky, Russian painter (born in 1757)
April 6th, 1823 (April 06 1823)BirthJoseph Medill, journalist and mayor of Chicago (died in 1899)
April 6th, 1820 (April 06 1820)BirthNadar, French photographer (died in 1910)
April 6th, 1818 (April 06 1818)BirthAasmund Olavsson Vinje, Norwegian poet (died in 1870)
April 6th, 1815 (April 06 1815)BirthRobert Volkmann, German composer (died in 1883)
April 6th, 1814 (April 06 1814)EventNapoleon abdicates and is then exiled to Elba.
April 6th, 1812 (April 06 1812)BirthAlexander Herzen, Russian writer (died in 1870)
April 6th, 1808 (April 06 1808)EventJohn Jacob Astor incorporates the American Fur Company.
April 6th, 1793 (April 06 1793)EventDuring the French Revolution, the Committee of Public Safety becomes the executive organ of the republic, and the period known as the Reign of Terror begins.
April 6th, 1782 (April 06 1782)EventRama I succeeds King Taksin of Siam (modern day Thailand), who is overthrown in a coup d etat.
April 6th, 1773 (April 06 1773)BirthJames Mill, Scottish philosopher and historian (died in 1836) Philo Quotes
April 6th, 1755 (April 06 1755)DeathRichard Rawlinson, English minister and antiquarian (born in 1690)
April 6th, 1725 (April 06 1725)BirthPasquale Paoli, Corsican patriot and military leader (died in 1807)
April 6th, 1707 (April 06 1707)DeathWillem van de Velde, the younger, Dutch painter (born in 1633)
April 6th, 1686 (April 06 1686)DeathArthur Annesley, 1st Earl of Anglesey, English royalist statesman (born in 1614)
April 6th, 1671 (April 06 1671)BirthJean-Baptiste Rousseau, French poet (died in 1741)
April 6th, 1667 (April 06 1667)EventAn earthquake devastates Dubrovnik, then an independent city-state.
April 6th, 1664 (April 06 1664)BirthArvid Horn, Swedish statesman (died in 1742)
April 6th, 1655 (April 06 1655)DeathDavid Blondel, French Protestant clergyman (born in 1591)
April 6th, 1652 (April 06 1652)EventDutch sailor Jan van Riebeeck establishes a resupply camp at the Cape of Good Hope, which eventually becomes Cape Town.
April 6th, 1651 (April 06 1651)BirthAndre Dacier, French classical scholar (died in 1722)
April 6th, 1632 (April 06 1632)BirthMaria Leopoldine of Austria, Holy Roman Empire Empress (died in 1649)
April 6th, 1613 (April 06 1613)BirthStjepan Gradic, Croatian philosopher and scientist (died in 1683) Philo Quotes
April 6th, 1605 (April 06 1605)DeathJohn Stow, English historian
April 6th, 1590 (April 06 1590)DeathFrancis Walsingham, English spymaster
April 6th, 1571 (April 06 1571)DeathJohn Hamilton, Scottish prelate and politicianJohn Scott Quotes
April 6th, 1551 (April 06 1551)DeathJoachim Vadian, Swiss humanist (born in 1484)
April 6th, 1528 (April 06 1528)DeathAlbrecht Durer, German artist (born in 1471)
April 6th, 1520 (April 06 1520)DeathRaphael, Italian painter and architect (born in 1483)
April 6th, 1490 (April 06 1490)DeathKing Matthias Corvinus of Hungary
April 6th, 1483 (April 06 1483)BirthRaphael, Italian painter and architect (died in 1520)
April 6th, 1385 (April 06 1385)EventJohn, Master of the Order of Aviz, is made king John I of Portugal.
April 6th, 1362 (April 06 1362)DeathJames I, Count of La Marche, French soldier (born in 1319)
April 6th, 1327 (April 06 1327)EventThe poet Petrarch first sees his idealized love, Laura, in the church of Saint Clare in Avignon. Petrarch Quotes
April 6th, 1320 (April 06 1320)EventThe Scots reaffirm their independence by signing the Declaration of Arbroath.
April 6th, 1199 (April 06 1199)DeathKing Richard I of England (born in 1157)
April 6th, 1199 (April 06 1199)DeathPierre Basile, French soldier
April 6th, 1147 (April 06 1147)DeathFrederick II, Duke of Swabia (born in 1090)
April 6th, 0885 (April 06 0885)DeathSaint Methodius (born in ca.815)
April 6th, 0402 (April 06 0402)EventStilicho stymies the Visigoths under Alaric in the Battle of Pollentia.

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